“Bringing Cambodian culture to the fore through cuisine and art. Khmer Kitchen represents the very best of what Cambodia has to offer to the world. Khmer cuisine is a great starting point. Cementing that very pertinent point is the cultural exchanges that are an intrinsic part of Khmer Kitchen be it the ambience, architecture or the food”


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Burmese khousuey
Vegetarian Buddha Bowl
Sate Tao Hoo Isaan
Stirfried Tofu Green peppercorn
Kimchi Ramen
Panang Tofu Curry
Crispy Fried Pink Perch
Steamed Bok Choy
Sate Ayam Madura
Sizziling Natang soup
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At Khmer Kitchen, we take great pride in being committed to using only the best ingredients to create dishes that are not only worthy but are delicious and healthy. Good food begins with good ingredients, and we work with the very best local and international suppliers of repute and good standing, who also share our commitment to quality and sustainable practices.




What our guests say
Urvi Surana

The best thing about here is how they can elevate even the simplest of things and take it to the next level. The Asian food was lip smacking. The ambience is out of the world, each part has a different kind of theme and yet it’s somehow connected. A must visit for sure. Definitely a unique experience. Vegetarian options: A wide range of choices even for vegetarians.

Kid-friendliness: Good for family, baby chair available

Abin Varghese

This place is amazing.. a premium, relaxing, neat place. Along with your friends, family or even a date, this place gives you everything, and even a lot more.. Food is tasty. A lot of dishes to try, everything has something different to be talked off.

I am not mentioning any specific dish, I think you should go there with an open mind and order everything.

You will thank me later 😜

kruthi p

Great food and even better ambiance! We were 4 adults and 2 kids and our little nook was amazing to sit at. Great table decor and nook decor. It was as if we were transported to another place on the map.

My favorite was the drink – Apsarita. Loved how different it was! Great appetizers and mains. Portion size was also very good.

Niharika 'Nix' Nayak

Absolutely delicious food! Went here for an Anniversary dinner and we had a delightful time! The host was super courteous and food arrived just in time. We ordered a spicy tempura roll, a lamb starter, chocolate mousse and a Santa brownie. The ambience was lovely, cocktails were unique and yummy. 2nd time dining here and this is truly a good find. 😁

Akshita K A
Khmer dazzles you with its pretty soothing ambience and the food matches up to it. This one’s a fine dining one and the pretty dishes makes the experience quite enjoyable.
Tried the mango and papaya salad – this one weirdly was on the spicier side though it was yum. Also tried the chicken satay with some great peanut sauce. Loved their prawn tempura sushi too. Wanted to try some of their other signature dishes but was too full after a final round of their light litchi dessert. Their pomegranate drink was my favourite of the lot!
Jitendranath Patri

If I could I would. That is give this place a higher rating from a max of 5. Who would imagine Girish Karnad’s three level house would be so tastefully redone to house this absolutely beautiful pan Asian restaurant. I know I am raving but why not. Today was my first visit to this place despite hearing so much about it. And boy was it nearly full at 7pm. Must say the food was super good.


Khmer - Konnections
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What’s Khmer Kitchen?

Primero Hospitality has leased the erstwhile home and writing studio of a certain stalwart of Indian literature and theatre, in J P Nagar, Bengaluru. The said structure itself was a challenge to restore and the property that was nestled between full-grown trees has birthed a new restaurant, Khmer Kitchen (KK).

Khmer Kitchen’s path-breaking, one-of-a kind and the very first Cambodian restaurant in Bengaluru and has a menu that has been designed and birthed out of travel, love, and passion for all things Cambodian
Women of Khmer Kitchen

Veena is one half of the force responsible for Khmer Kitchen, she once remarked and what is now an inside joke,
“Am the only reason as to how/why Khmer Kitchen came into existence” and there could be a lot of truth behind the “I’m just kidding” remark that follows the earlier statement too but we’ll not delve on it today.

She’s not there just to bring about an inclusivity to the top management at Khmer Kitchen, she’s truly responsible for the way the restaurant ‘feels’ and is experienced by its patrons, even long after they’ve left the property. How they (patrons) interact with the spaces and how she guides through the workings of Khmer Kitchen and thus ensuring that they’re always flowing about like good energy ought to.

Cultural Linkages

Cultural Linkages between Cambodia and India, the Khmer Konnection
Cambodia and India share a long history of cultural exchange that dates back many a centuries. The two countries have been connected through trade, religion, and cultural influences, which has resulted in a rich and diverse cultural heritage that can be seen in both nations today.

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