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16 Nov: What’s Khmer Kitchen?

Primero Hospitality has leased the erstwhile home and writing studio of a certain stalwart of Indian literature and theatre, in J P Nagar, Bengaluru. The said structure itself was a challenge to restore and the property that was nestled between full-grown trees has birthed a new restaurant, Khmer Kitchen (KK).

Khmer Kitchen’s path-breaking, one-of-a kind and the very first Cambodian restaurant in Bengaluru and has a menu that has been designed and birthed out of travel, love, and passion for all things Cambodian


09 Nov: Women of Khmer Kitchen

Veena is one half of the force responsible for Khmer Kitchen, she once remarked and what is now an inside joke,
“Am the only reason as to how/why Khmer Kitchen came into existence” and there could be a lot of truth behind the “I’m just kidding” remark that follows the earlier statement too but we’ll not delve on it today.

She’s not there just to bring about an inclusivity to the top management at Khmer Kitchen, she’s truly responsible for the way the restaurant ‘feels’ and is experienced by its patrons, even long after they’ve left the property. How they (patrons) interact with the spaces and how she guides through the workings of Khmer Kitchen and thus ensuring that they’re always flowing about like good energy ought to.